Angels, St Francis & Coffee

Angels and St Francis have been hovering in my life these past weeks, both making their presence felt. This Sunday 4th October is the feast of St Francis of Assisi, the 12th century Italian saint who is perhaps best known for his simple life and his love of animals and the natural world. Tuesday 29th […]

Whose World Is It?

Below is the text of Revd. Talisker’s Harvest address on Sunday 27th September at St Mary’s Buckland. Whose world is this anyway? Reading endless news stories about the various arguments and wars and political clashes, the fights over this or that right or resource, I sometimes just find myself pondering this very simple question. Whose […]

harvest, miracles, & sharing abundance

“It’ll take a miracle for us to get through this!”  “it’ll take a miracle”, usually said in such dismissive tones, often with a clear expectation that no such thing will occur. We dismiss possibilities out of hand. Before the possibility can ever take root! But I wonder? I’ve recently been reading The Hidden Life of […]


This Sunday, once more in Matthew’s gospel, we find ourselves in one of Jesus’ parables – or stories – this time, the parable of the Workers in the Vineyard (Mt. 20.1-6). Jesus used stories for a lot of reasons, but perhaps most of all because they allow for imagination. We can imagine ourselves in the […]

rooted and grounded: the place of church

Yes. I remember Adlestrop— This famous poem written by Edward Thomas were about a tiny station stop in the Cotswolds, but those words could equally have been written by a walker visiting a country church. And willows, willow-herb, and grass,And meadowsweet, and haycocks dry,No whit less still and lonely fairThan the high cloudlets in the […]

reckoning and forgiveness

Sermon given by the Revd. Jim Mynors for Sunday 13th September on Genesis 50:15-21. Psalm 103 Matthew 18:21-35 As we continue this year’s consecutive readings in Matthew we come to a parable that may seem as puzzling as it is powerful. It starts with a forgiving ruler and ends with his condemnation. There’s a good […]

the power of words: fear and love

What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet! Thus wrote Shakespeare many centuries ago. And in once sense he is right. What name we give it makes no difference to the beauty of the flower – or indeed anything else in its true inner nature. But words have incredible […]

stories, the news, & Tolkien

Do you ever watch or read the news and just feel utterly overwhelmed? “News” nowadays by definition is stories of one disaster or mistake after another, whether it be death, injury, political error or manipulation. So rarely is there anything joyful. So pervasive is this that we even very often feel the need to preface […]

surviving the storm – take up thy cross

This morning, I saw some incredibly beautiful photos taken by the photographer Sarah Sutherland-Rowe who is a friend of mine. The image of the waves crashing on the rocks is so powerful, so mesmerising… The storm can smash us to pieces; or we can withstand it, but it shapes us into something new, with smoothed […]

care for creation – St Bartholomew

Sermon given by Revd. Tim Hewes on St Bartholomew’s Day, 23rd August 2020, at St Mary’s Buckland Bartholomew was a mysterious figure but like the other apostles he was steeped in the culture and legacy of the Torah:  the allegory of the forming of life and the garden of Eden, the early history, the psalms […]