Lamentation: Where is God in this?

So often I try to offer something upbeat. But just occasionally I feel it’s really good to just allow ourselves to be still in the pain and struggle of the moment. After all, we all have those moments. They’re part of life. So let’s not pretend otherwise. Keep it real!! Yesterday was the feast of […]

Thoughts on Change, Growth, and Resurrection

Our journey through Matthew’s telling of the parables of Jesus; last Sunday was all about the Kingdom of Heaven. Revd. Jim wrote our last post, and preached for us last Sunday. The parables really are such wonderful stories designed to challenge, irritate, and to invite us into dialogue and relationship, both with God and with […]

Matthew 13 – Five Parables

This is a guest post from my colleague Revd. Jim Mynors, who is preaching for us this Sunday 26th July. Some ‘parables’ are what we call stories and may come with an explanation. We’ve had two of those in the last couple of weeks. But rounding off Matthew’s collection we have no less than five: […]

the wheat and the weeds – “a gardener’s tale”

One person’s weed is another person’s beloved plant! I have recently re-discovered a love of house plants, and they seem to be happily proliferating. Our latest new family member is a rather huge leafy fern thing, some four feet tall, which has been christened Flossie (no idea why!) – or as my two year old […]

a way of life and living

This Sunday is the fourth Sunday after Trinity, as we continue through the long summer season. Whilst some kind of normality may seem to be hovering on the horizon, it still remains tantalisingly out of reach. What is life really going to be like as lockdown lifts? What will our towns and churches look like? […]