Candlemas: Light & Transformation

Sermon for 31st January by Revd. Jim Mynors This weekend is celebrated with various names – notably Candlemas (which I’ll return to) and  the ‘Feast of the Presentation which is what our gospel story is about. Surely it establishes at the start of his life, the fact that Jesus was brought up by his parents […]

Seeing through a different lens: thoughts on Epiphany

Epiphany season (approximately the month of January) seems to be a time when one might be forgiven for getting thoroughly confused in the narrative of Jesus life. In the gospel readings each Sunday, we jump back and forth: from baby to adult, to youth, and back to baby again. It might be compared to a […]

faith & confidence; water & wine

(sermon for Sunday 24th January 2021, 3rd Sunday of Epiphany) A few weeks ago I wrote a piece on my blog about the voice of women in Advent, and the unexpected silence of men. I found it profound, and wondered that I had never seen it before, despite years of study. The impact of that […]

overflowing abundance: water and wine

818 litres of water? or 1,090 bottles of wine? One thousand and ninety bottles of wine, anyone?  I remember once being (I confess) a little bored during a service when the wedding at Cana was the gospel reading. Six stone water jars, each containing 30 gallons. So, 180 gallons. Move that into litres and you […]

holding hands with God

“Love, transparency, and communication” There are many images we use for God. And often the image or metaphor we use explains how we feel about God at that moment. We often talk about God being within us, in our hearts. Sometimes we take courage from the poem Footprints, the knowledge that we are not alone […]

the place of seeming solitude and darkness

And so another lockdown begins. How many of us feel like the man in the picture? Alone, in a huge space. All around is dark and black and frankly vast. There is no detail or boundary in the blackness. The image is eye-catching in its starkness. And yet… There is light. The man sits on […]