In the Power of the Spirit…

Sometimes the most powerful things in life are actually invisible. As I sit here writing, the wind is howling around the house. I can hear it. I can see the trees moving as they are buffeted by the wind. But I cannot actually see it – only the effect of it.

But for all that I can’t see it, it’s incredibly powerful! The wind can have a huge impact!

The Holy Spirit can be very similar. We can’t see it. But the difference that it makes in our lives is amazing. One of the children in assembly this morning suggested it was like being charged up with batteries, or being plugged into the mains. The Holy Spirit fills us with energy, with power, with potential.

Sometimes Pentecost is referred to as the birthday of the Church, celebrating that moment when Peter went outside and preached about Jesus to the crowd for the first time.

When we are anticipating birthdays, we’re often excited. What will happen? Who will we celebrate with? What presents will we get?

As we wait for Pentecost this year, I’d like to invite you to join me in getting excited! Find your inner child, and invite her or him to play, to imagine.

Two weeks ago I compared dunking biscuits in tea to being immersed in the Holy Spirit, and that no matter how much of the Spirit we soak up, there will always be an abundance more for us and for everyone else too.

Let’s pray that not only the Church, but all of us too, will be filled again with the Spirit. That we may be plugged in and switched on, flooded with light and energy, with excitement.

What presents will we get? I don’t know, but I do know God has something for each one of us.

What will happen? Not a clue. But I am certain that if we are opening to receiving those gifts, and if we unwrap them with joy and expectation, something beautiful will be within and will be seen among us.

Whilst we can’t see the Spirit, we can definitely feel its power, and we can see the difference it makes. Peter and the disciples went from cowering behind locked doors to proclaiming the love of God to all those gathered in Jerusalem. What difference might the Spirit make to us, if we invited Him in?

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash