Talisker MacLeod

Talisker MacLeod

This blog is about exploring how, above all, God draws, invites and whispers us into relationship with him (or her!); but that there is never any coercion or punishment.

How faith and science can help each other in understanding and explaining this beautiful and incredible universe.

How we can stop pointing the finger and accusing each other, and instead live in love and peace, the way that God in Jesus invites us to live.

That we are all – of whatever faith or none – simply finding our own paths up the same mountain.

DailyDust was born out of my weekly reflections for the benefice newsletter, usually based around the gospel for the coming Sunday. People asked to share these and asked me to publish them more widely, so now I share and offer these reflections of how faith has shaped my life, experience and perspective on the world and those around me.

These writings are my thoughts and reflections on what being a Christian might look like in the modern world; how we can read the bible in such a way as to make it alive and relevant and speaking the truth of God’s limitless and unconditional love for all his Creation in our 21st century context. Because whilst God may not change, our understanding of God certainly does – and should!

May you find blessing on your path.

With love, light and peace,

Revd. Talisker

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