Trinity: the dance of love

Recently, I wrote about believing the unbelievable. What do we do when the thing which we know to be true with every fibre of our being is also something which is almost impossible to explain and certainly impossible to prove empirically to others around us? The Christian concept of the Trinity definitely fits into this […]

What is Church?

If I asked you the question “what is Church?”, the image likely to come to mind is of an ancient stone building, probably from the middle ages, with stained glass windows, a tall tower, and possibly some bells. It’s a very English answer, and of course the answer will change depending where one is. But […]

Pentecost: New Beginnings

Ten days ago marked a new milestone for me, as it was the first post on the DailyDust blog since August 2021. For those of you who know me well, it’s been an “interesting” time over these past two years. Waiting for life to reach a place of peace and calm has proved pointless, and daily squalls […]